Jen, the vocal power house for PKB and founding member! Although she was playing all sorts of music, her love for the 80’s never quit! She has been rockin since 04 and PKB is still going strong! Jen belts out Jett, Benatar, the Crue, Styx, Poison, Squire, Jovi, Journey and many more! Jen Stiltz (Baby J) is the power-house front person for Phat Kitti. Baby J is not the typical female eye candy just bouncing around on stage, her vocals are stunning as well!!! Now Baby J is all sugar and spice until the line has been crossed, so be carefull or you may have a hot pink high heel headed your way!! She started at an early age singing in church, talent contests and in Family Tradition a band with her father and brother. During this time Baby J was honing her vocal skills before going to Nashville to record. After turning down the chance to move there and persue a country music career, she came back to start her journey into the world of rock n' roll.


Brian brings the wild along with his super crazy cool hair! He has been playing music for many years, and performed  in several bands! He can shred on the lead like no other! Annnd he sings a song or two!