PKB wants to play for you and is always on the prowl for exciting new venues!! If you are looking for an energetic, female fronted 80's cover band then give us a call! Currently booking for 2024-2025! Call Jen at 309-840-4833!

Remember all the totally awesome songs and concerts we grew up with? Bands like Journey, Joan J, Pat B, the Crue, and Poison! Oh yeah, you do! For 20 years we have been playing them and many more from the greatest decade in music! We're bringin the hottest 80's hits with a female lead! Songs you can sing along with at the top of your lungs, while jammin' out on your air guitar or just raising your lighter high in the air! 

PKB is excited to announce our new sponsors! Martin Lanes Entertainment (Roodhouse IL) and Budweiser golden eagle distributing (Jacksonville IL) and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the Kitti! and